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Just got some interesting results after couple of hours playing with Korg monotron and Ableton Live. Kinda “yaya talking” sound. Here it is:

I was skeptical about this synth until tried it.
As it turned out, this little bastard has great potential if used in conjunction with effects.



Tom Cosm — Ableton Live Templates

Ableton Certified Trainer Tom Cosm has introduced a new monthly series of free Live templates.

“This is the first of 12 Ableton Live Session View Templates, ready to download and jam with. Each month there will be a new one, covering a different genre each month. It’s free bro, go get it – no catches I promise. http://www.cosm.co.nz/template



Mouse on Mars: Live for All



For the tour supporting the latest Mouse on Mars album Parastrophics, Andi Toma and Jan St. Werner, along with tour drummer Dodo NKishi, needed a set-up that provided maximum musical freedom.

In this video you’ll see the band’s exciting performance and find out how they work on stage with three interconnected computers running Ableton Live.

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